Fried eggs, three ways

There’s not much that beats a good fried egg, and we’ve got three cracking ways to level up your egg game whilst making the most of leftover bits in the kitchen.

Frozen herby butter (in empty Respectful egg boxes)
Softened butter mixed with leftover crushed garlic and chopped fresh herbs that need using up. Cut and shape into balls and popped into baking paper lined Respectful egg boxes. Store in the freezer and then simply remove and melt in a frying pan when you’re ready to fry. Buttery, garlicky fried eggs – what’s not to love!

Chilli fried eggs
Simply grate a frozen red chilli over a crispy fried egg.

Sesame fried eggs
Toast some sesame seeds in a frying pan, drizzle in a little oil and when the seeds are lightly golden, crack in an egg and fry until crisp. Serve on buttered toast with chilli flakes scattered over to finish.

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