Together for Our Planet

In less than a month, world leaders will descend on Glasgow and come together for our planet to tackle climate change. Cop26, the United Nation’s conference dedicated to the cause, has never been more important and it’s a significant date in the diary at Respectful HQ. Why? Well, we’re turning to our planet-loving friend David Attenborough to explain, who has summed up the situation too well to tamper with: 

‘There is only a decade left in which to act. And the fact that the people most impacted by climate change is not some imagined future generation but people alive today will give us the impetus we need. We all know too well, that if we can leave a difficult task to another day we often choose to do so. Though we have reached a tipping point. Businesses know that the era of fossil fuels is ending and are innovating and changing direction. It’s no longer a case of ‘will we move to a zero-carbon global economy’. It is near certain that we will. But will we do it in time to stop the warming before the tipping points are passed.’ 

We are delighted to have kickstarted our journey to a more respectful future by achieving carbon neutral status. Through the careful consideration and a critical review of all our practices, we have decarbonised Respectful eggs – from farm to shelf! 

Our homegrown, soya-free feed, wonderful white hens and renewable energy go a long way towards reducing our carbon footprint. Inevitably, there are still steps to take on the long path towards eliminating the production of carbon at any point in our eggs’ journey and achieving the golden ‘net zero’ status. We’re setting that as our goal for tomorrow. 

So, we’re counting down the days until COP26 to see what important decisions are made by global leaders. The world is watching, and it needs our help… 

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